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If you are like most electronic cigarettes users, you moved from traditional smoking to vaping, at least in part, to reduce the intake of tars, additives and carcinogens into your lungs. To better meet this objective, USA Made eLiquids created the most flavorful, yet least harmful, vape juice on the market today. Every bit of every bottle contains:

  • USA ingredients, USA tested, USA made and bottled
  • Purity certified nicotine from North Carolina
  • Pharmaceutical-grade VG and PG
  • No fillers or additives
  • Highest quality, food-grade flavors from LorAnn Oils® and Capella Flavor Drops®.


As a premier eliquid maker, we get asked lots of questions. To help you better understand what eliquid is all about, here are some of our most frequently asked:

What is eliquid?

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Electric cigarettes use a liquid nicotine solution to create a nicotine vapor that gives the smoker (or as we prefer to call ourselves, vaper) the same sensation as real smoke, but without the tars, carbon monoxide, carcinogens, and nasty additives in smoked tobacco. [Many USA Made eLiquids also come in zero nicotine solutions, so you can continue to vape without any nicotine at all.] The exhaled vapor is basically just water vapor, so vapers can use their ecigs practically anywhere, even in many places where cigarette smoking has been banned. As both the e-cigarette industry and available e-juices continue to evolve the cleaner, healthier choice vaping offers is starting to change the way people think and feel about smoking.

Eliquid can be referred to as e-juice, electronic cigarette liquid, electronic smoking liquid, eliquid nicotine, e-smoke juice, nicotine juice, nicotine liquid nicotine, refill liquid, smoke juice, or vape juice; but in all cases, it is the eliquid in the electronic cigarette that produces the vapor.

In most cases, e-liquids come already flavored with a measured amount of nicotine; however, more experienced vapers may choose a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach by purchasing the ingredients separately and mixing their own flavors at home. USA Made eLiquids has three kits especially designed and stocked to help DIY’ers mix their own signature e-juices.

What are the benefits and advantages of eliquid?

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One of the great things about eliquid nicotine is that you can choose between high nicotine (24mg/ml), medium nicotine (16mg/ml), light nicotine (11mg/ml), ultra-light nicotine (6mg/ml), or zero nicotine, and yet, all give a great tasting, full-bodied vape. This means that you can change your nicotine strength at any time –going up or down - it is all up to you. This ability to personally control your nicotine consumption on a regular basis is a game changer and your best chance at ditching the harmful effects of smoking while keeping the pleasure and stress-relieving enjoyment of vaping.

Vapers do, however, have to be careful and knowledgeable about where their eliquid is made and what it contains. Many internationally produced juices have a variety of unhealthy additives included in their mixture, and most countries do not have the testing standards we have here in the USA. If you are vaping to get away from the tars, additives and carcinogens in cigarettes, then be sure that your e-juice is free as well.

How does eliquid make smoke?

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Inside the body of an electronic cigarette is a heating element (it could be an atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer depending on the type electronic cigarette you have). Once the eliquid is heated, it turns into a vapor. The nicotine is suspended in the eliquid and transferred to the lungs when the vapor is inhaled, but because nicotine is so easily absorbed, virtually no nicotine is present in the exhaled vapor. The vapor is a thick snowy white, yet cool to the touch. With a quality ecig and USA Made eLiquid, you get the nicotine of smoking, the pleasure and satisfaction of smoking, you can even blow smoke rings, but you don’t get tars, additives and carcinogens. Electronic cigarettes filled with USA Made eLiquids come as close to the real experience of smoking as any nicotine product available today.

Will my ecig taste like a cigarette?

Click to Open »Close carries dozens of different flavors, from tobacco and menthol, to many fruit flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and cappuccino, just to name a few. We are always creating great new flavors, and putting our most popular flavors on sale to make it easy to try something new. If you would like to request a custom flavor of eliquid, please contact us. We consider all requests, and love new ideas. You, the customer is always right, especially in deciding what flavors you like. also cater to the experienced vapor by offering an extensive DIY (do-it-yourself) selection of unflavored nicotine strengths stabilized in several different lab-certified propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin solutions. To help you mix a tasty treat, we currently carry 74 flavors of LorAnn Oils®, premium food-quality flavors, in 1-dram bottles, and a large variety of DIY bottles, tips, caps, pipets, funnels, and other lab supplies.

Who makes e-liquid?

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Most eliquids available in the US are either made here or are imported from China. There are a few brands made in Europe - not many right now, but the number keeps growing. The location an eliquid is made, however, is not as important as what it is made with and how it has been subsequently tested. Many vapers judge an eliquid solely on its flavor, and while flavor is important, an understanding of the ingredients in your eliquid is critical. Regardless of where you get your liquid, whether imported or domestic, you must make sure that it is tested in a reputable U.S. laboratory for diethylene glycol along with heavy metal contaminants. That is exactly why all USA Made eLiquids nicotine components are tested and the results verified as "ND" for "Not Detected" for diethylene glycol and heavy metal contaminants in a reputable US laboratory.

Properly diluting the strength of the nicotine is the most critical part of eliquid preparation. If not done correctly, too much nicotine can cause headaches and/or nausea. USA Made eLiquids offers the fun of being able to create your own flavor combinations without fear of miscalculating the nicotine by offering unflavored nicotine solutions already correctly diluted to 6, 11, 16, or 24 mg/ml strengths in the DIY section of the website. No heavy math – just fun flavors and easy mixing.

What are the ingredients in eliquid?

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Although there are a variety of additives and fillers used in many eliquids today, as it is an unregulated industry, the basic ingredients common to most are pure nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water, and flavoring.

As you may guess, nicotine is most easily extracted from tobacco, but is naturally occurring in tomatoes and other plants.

Propylene glycol (PG), a common food additive and stabilizer, contributes to both vapor production and what smokers call the “throat hit” or warm feeling in the back of the throat when inhaling. Propylene glycol is used extensively in the food industry and is generally recognized as safe or "GRAS" rated by the FDA. PG is also used in theatrical productions for fake smoke, found in asthma inhalers dating back to the 1950's, currently used in fresh breath and sore throat spray, and is commonly used in cosmetics, as well as FDA approved drugs and hundreds of other applications.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is added to eliquid because it greatly enhances the production of a full-bodied vapor when warmed. VG is a clear, odorless, sweet tasting liquid and undiluted has a consistency of syrup. It readily dissolves in water and is a good solvent. Vegetable glycerin is derived from extracted glycerol fats from plant oils such as palm and coconut. It is commonly used as a base for pharmaceuticals and other household items. Glycerin can capture moisture from the air, making it a good addition to moisturizers and eliquids.

Flavoring used in eliquids is the exact same flavor liquids chefs and bakers use in the kitchen. To ensure your satisfaction, USA Made eLiquids uses only the finest, highest rated food flavorings available.

Will I save $$$?

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For many, the real advantage to eliquids is that it is odorless and tar free, but saving money is another great advantage! Considering that the average 10ml bottle costs anywhere from $7 to $14, depending on the brand, and that a 10ml bottle is the equivalent to about 8-9 packs of cigarettes; compare that to $5-$10 per pack. The savings are significant and add up into big numbers over time. Everyday more and more smokers are recognizing the cost benefits and are making the switch to e-cigarettes using eliquids.

Can I buy wholesale e-liquid from USA Made eLiquids?

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Absolutely! We offer wholesale eliquid for ecommerce and retail locations around the country, plus offer a lucrative affiliate program for you computer junkies who share our vision of a smoke-free America. Click on the Affiliate link on this site to join today.


Thanks for choosing USA Made eLiquids. We appreciate your business.



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